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Microneedling in Dallas, TX & More!

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s Highland Park Medical Spa welcomes clients looking for effective treatment options to turn back the clock and look younger and more beautiful. We offer microneedling, HydraFacials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and many other services to increase your confidence and melt away years of aging. A younger you will emerge from our innovative treatments, and we personalize your treatment plan to fit your specific needs and expectations. The effects of aging happen over time despite leading a healthy lifestyle and caring for your face and body. Our medical spa is here to help you undo the ravaging effects of time and look as young as you feel inside.

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Services Available at Our Dallas, TX Clinic

Your aging and aesthetic needs are our priority at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s Highland Park location. We serve clients using a holistic approach to beauty treatments, blending the art and science of age management with safe and effective therapies and procedures. These treatment options include surgical and nonsurgical procedures to reduce or remove the physical effects of aging on your face and body, including injectables, body contouring, and Ultherapy. We can schedule a consultation to discuss all your treatment options. Some effective choices we may recommend include laser treatments, intravenous (IV) therapy, and HydraFacials. This consultation is your first step to becoming a younger-looking and more beautiful version of yourself. Our passion for age-defying treatments extends to men and women who wish to turn back time on their physical features. Our clinic stays up to date on regenerative medicine and the most advanced treatments, such as stem cell therapy and peptide therapy.

You have all the following services at your disposal for long-lasting results:

Featured Service: Microneedling for Healthy, Clear Skin

You deserve the best possible skin for special occasions and everyday life, and Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center strives to ensure we have exceptional solutions. Microneedling is a featured treatment option we offer because it’s effective at helping you create healthy, clear skin tissue. We use SkinPen® microneedling, taking your dermal care to the next level with a controlled network of pins creating micro-tears in your skin’s surface. These micro-tears cause your body to release cytokines, collagen, and other growth factors while stimulating your body’s natural healing response. The SkinPen® Precision System is approved by the FDA and is legal to market in the United States. Our medical spa professionals have ample training and experience using microneedling to help clients create beautiful, healthy skin.

Start Your Journey to a Younger-Looking You

We work to make you feel comfortable during treatment, starting with the first time you meet one of our image consultants. While at your complimentary consultation, we make it essential to understand all issues and concerns you want to address with our procedures and answer your questions. You’ll feel relaxed throughout the process because we focus entirely on you and resolving your issues with treatment tailored to your body and needs. Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center takes pride in our client referrals and strives to ensure each client receives exceptional therapies and procedures, paired with service that leaves you completely satisfied. Put your aging and aesthetic concerns in our capable hands. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation at our Highland Park Medical Spa.

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