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Hair Restoration in Fort Worth, TX & More!

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s medical spa in Fort Worth, TX has hair restoration, HydraFacials, and every other treatment option you hope to find in a medspa. Aging is an inevitable part of life, and the effects on our faces and bodies can be hard to swallow. You can stay active with regular workouts, eat a balanced diet, and avoid hazardous habits, but time will still catch up with you. Our clinic offers a comprehensive collection of treatments and procedures with final results letting your outer beauty match how young you feel on the inside. You deserve an appearance that lives up to your youthful energy and vibrancy. We work with you to address your issues and concerns with a personalized treatment plan involving safe and effective procedures. Best Laser Hair Removal Services in Fort Worth 2022

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Comprehensive Treatment Options at Our Clinic

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center maintains a commitment to excellence in our services and results, paired with a passion for providing the most enjoyable experience possible. Your youthful appearance and confidence are in our capable hands as we create a treatment plan using surgical or nonsurgical procedures like body contouring, injectables, and Ultherapy. We can set up a consultation for you to meet with our image consultants if you’re interested in HydraFacials, intravenous (IV) therapy, or laser treatments. This consultation is your first step to achieving a younger-looking and more beautiful version of yourself. Our expansive list of services is a product of our commitment to delivering long-lasting results for every client. For example, we recently added stem cell therapy and peptide therapy to our treatment options because we stay current on the latest developments in all aspects of regenerative medicine and its most advanced treatments.

Below are some examples of the treatment options we offer to resolve your aging concerns:

Featuring Hair Restoration for Men & Women

At Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s Fort Worth Medical Spa, we have seen clients with varying degrees of hair loss seeking treatment to recover their precious locks. Hair restoration methods have evolved over time, and today, our clinic offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair therapy as an innovative solution. PRP treatment involves injecting platelet-rich plasma directly into your scalp to stimulate new hair follicle growth, reverse pattern baldness, and grow thicker hair. We offer PRP hair restoration as an effective treatment option for men and women. In fact, PRP has shown it can increase a patient’s hair follicle density by up to 30 percent. During treatment, we extract blood from you and separate the platelet-rich plasma from your blood. Then, we inject the PRP serum back into your scalp. A few benefits of this treatment include less hair loss, reduced scalp exposure, and increased hair growth thickness.

Get Help at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center strives to make our first meeting with you as comfortable as possible. Clients commonly come in without any previous experience with a medical spa. Our image consultants take the time to listen to every issue you want to address with treatment and understand all your concerns during an initial complimentary consultation. We will discuss which options fit your needs best and answer all your questions. We know you’ll feel confident about taking the next steps before you leave by covering every aspect of your issues and treatment options. Our staff of aesthetic and anti-aging specialists understands every client is different, so we create treatment plan design for each of their specific needs, bodies, and expectations. We are ready to serve you, so contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation at our medical spa in Fort Worth, TX.

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