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A Message About COVID-19

To our valued clients –

All BHRC Dallas locations, including our newest – Alliance, are now open! The safety of our staff and patients continues to be our top priority. We have increased and implemented procedures for safety and sanitation during your visit. We intend to do this in a way that is most respectful of our patients’ time.

The following is required to receive treatment at our facilities:

  • Please arrive at the time of your appointment.
  • Please do not walk-in without an appointment (all B12 and Testosterone Injections are required to call ahead and schedule).
  • Please do not bring any additional guests, such as children, spouses, or friends, to your appointment.
  • A mask or face cover must be worn at all times.

Additional protocols in place to ensure your safety, as well as ours:

  • All patients will be screened for potential symptoms before any encounters.
  • Touch-free sanitizer will be available and required upon entering.
  • One Patient per room, rooms are fully sanitized after each guest.
  • Masks (N95) are required to be worn by staff at all times.
  • Masks will be offered to all clients who do not have a mask of their own.
  • Phone screenings will take place when scheduling all appointments.

Legal Requirements:

  1. A mask must be worn by both the patient and physician or the physician’s delegate when in proximity of the patient (meaning less than a 6-foot distance between the patient and the physician or the physician’s delegate);
  2. Everyone must follow policies that the physician, medical and healthcare practice, or facility has in place regarding COVID-19 screening and testing and/or screening patients.
  3. Before any patient encounter, patients must be screened for potential symptoms of COVID-19 or verified they were previously screened within last 20 days; and
  4. That any medical procedure or surgery involving the mucous membranes, including the respiratory tract, with a high risk of aerosol transmission, the minimum safety equipment used by a physician or physician’s delegate should include N95 masks or an equivalent protection from aerosolized particles and face shields.

Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the facts on COVID-19. Information is still the best defense to you and your family against COVID-19.

We appreciate your attention to this manner and thank you for your patience and continued support.

Dr. James Kadi and your Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center team.

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