-10 years off your skin

-improves texture, tightens skin, corrects pigment, improves melasma, shrinks pores and overall improvement of skin promoting collagen and elastin production

The versatile laser system EXELO2 is universally suited for fractional and ablative treatments. The unique scanning technology of the laser provides convincing aesthetic results in fractional laser therapy.

With its 10,600 nm wavelength, the  EXELO2 is used for visible skin rejuvenation through the fractional laser treatment of wrinkles, scars and pigment changes.


A cold air cooling is directly attachable to the scanner. It can improve patient comfort and reduces the risk of side-effects. Anesthesia and assistance are unnecessary.

The Exelo2 laser can be utilized on most body parts; Face, hands, arms, legs, decollete and even the delicate skin of the eyelids!

Most patients experience less than a week of downtime and skin will improve over the course of three to six months or more.