Thick, Gorgeous Natural
Hair with PRP for Hair Loss

What is PRP Hair Therapy?

PRP treatment for hair loss can provide natural-looking results without the need for a costly, invasive surgical procedure.  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a refined solution with high levels of platelet-rich fibrin and growth factors that naturally stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. The solution is injected into your scalp by our doctors using a thin needle. The result? A natural hair restoration alternative that enhances hair regrowth so you can reverse pattern baldness and premature thinning!

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss: Effective for Men
and Women Alike

The PRP hair growth procedure is a natural hair restoration solution for male and female baldness (or alopecia) with outstanding results possible. In fact, expert clinical testing has shown that using PRP plasma for hair loss can increase hair follicle density by as much as 30%! 

So how does it work? The PRP serum is first created from a small amount of blood which is extracted from the patient. Centrifugation is then used to separate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the blood. When injected back into the scalp, the growth factors present in the PRP solution stimulate new hair growth.

Plasma for hair loss has the following benefits:

  • Reduced hair loss
  • Increased thickness of hair growth
  • Reduced scalp exposure.

Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

Yes! Success rates for this procedure are high, with as much as a 54.7% improvement in scalp coverage for tested male and female patients. Using natural growth factors, platelets, stem cells, cytokines, and other elements from you, the patient’s own blood, the growth of new blood vessels around hair follicles is stimulated. These vessels bring fresh oxygen and nutrients that nourish and strengthen them.

What is the PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate?

When the right combination is determined, you can see results fast – within the first 3-6 months of treatment!

But the success rate of PRP depends largely on the cause of your hair loss and the system of PRP used. For enhanced effectiveness, PRP can be combined with other treatments such as Neograft, micro-needling, and low-level light therapy.

With a quick 30- to 45-minute session, PRP for hair loss is an economical solution to baldness and thinning hair that you can do during your lunchtime or on your way home from work.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Safe?

PRP therapy is one of the safest medical procedures out there. That’s because it uses your own blood to create the healing serum used in the procedure. So there are no rejection or compatibility issues. Injections are via needle by a qualified practitioner.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss Results





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