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Our Treatments

Pixel Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Due to the high risk/benefit ratio that laser skin resurfacing has, less invasive ways to treat photoaging signs have been sought for years. During recent times, non-ablative fractionated skin resurfacing has been done more and more since it combines great results with little or no downtime. Both mild to moderate wrinkles and skin discoloration can be treated. With the High Power Pixel® 2940 handpiece on the Harmony®XL, patients now have the treatment option of fractionated skin-resurfacing treatments as part of Alma’s consumer-friendly Laser360 procedures. The process is so gentle that the neck, chest, hands, and face can all be treated with minimal risk.

Laser 360

This procedure uses four revolutionary technologies over a period of 60 days to create brighter, younger, and healthier skin. Don’t ever accept aging as it happens again. Laser 360 can turn back time, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, and reverse skin discoloration. And you can accomplish all that in very little time.

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