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Three Reasons to Consider Testosterone Therapy as You Age

Three Reasons to Consider Testosterone Therapy as You Age

Most males are born with a healthy amount of testosterone in their systems. However, testosterone levels decrease naturally as you age and there can be negative side effects if they decrease too much or too quickly. To remain as healthy as you can, there are several reasons to try testosterone therapy.

Avoid Depression

Testosterone is a hormone, which means that it has a direct impact on your mood. Males with low testosterone levels can suffer from severe mood swings and even depression. Testosterone therapy can help regulate your emotions and keep you in a better mood.

Weight Control

The amount of insulin and glucose your body produces is regulated by testosterone. When these levels get too low, fat cells are able to accumulate more quickly and can lead to unnecessary weight gain. Testosterone also helps to increase your strength and muscle mass, so a lack of it can leave you feeling weak.

Bone Health

Increasing bone density and stimulating bone mineralization are just two of the ways that testosterone keeps your bones strong and healthy. Unnaturally low levels of this hormone can lead to bones that are brittle and potentially to osteoporosis.
While a decrease in testosterone levels over time can be expected, it can also be damaging and unhealthy. You deserve to keep yourself in the best shape possible. If you would like more reasons to consider testosterone therapy as you age, call Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Southlake at 817-251-9280.
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